The New Age Nutrient plant growth solution consists of state-of-the-art formulas specifically designed to supply your high-value plants with all the essential and beneficial elements required for optimum growth.  We state this with confidence because our proprietary formulas are founded on hard scientific evidence researched and applied by our seasoned team of Ph.D. agronomists and chemical engineers.

The results of our scientific findings, together with decades of growing experience have inspired New Age Nutrients to combine only the most effective and synergistic growth and bloom additives with a 3-part base nutrient system to create an exceptional line of nine focused plant nutrient products which are easy to understand and effectively use.

New Age Nutrient’s products perform dynamically in hydroponic, soil and most other growing mediums.  Used alone, New Age Nutrient products produce superior crops, but may also be readily combined with the organic stimulants, compost teas, enzymes, hormones and microbial inoculants produced by other premium brands in order to achieve a wide variety of personal crop growth customization.

Maxx 3 part base

Balanced plant nutrition solution

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PK booster & bio-bloom stimulant

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Earth’s Energy

Organic enrichment additive

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Nature’s Nectar

Natural nutrient enhancer/chelator

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Kelp based organic growth & bloom enhancer

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Harvest Bloom

Flowering booster & ripening agent

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Root Robuster

Concentrated root stimulant

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Enzymatic Bio-stimulant

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Sweet Flush

Nutrient salt extractor

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