Hyper Products

Hyper Bottle Group-aThe New Age Nutrients Hyper products are a specially engineered group of niche additives whose primary focus is root-zone enhancement.  Additionally, Hyperthrive is a multi-functional concentrate which effectively fortifies overall plant health and restores vigor to plants undergoing transplant and other types of environmental stress. Regular use of our Hyper additives in your garden is a sure way of making it “Thrive”! Hyperzyme Generic Label-a Hyperzyme is a superior enzymatic bio-stimulating blend of numerous exotic botanical and marine extracts engineered to dissolve dead organic matter, including unused organic nutrients in the root zone. By accelerating the  breakdown of root and other organic remains, roots are protected from harmful pathogenic organism development spawned by decaying / rotting material.     This cleansing function works to create  an       ideal, nutrient-rich rhizosphere environment. Hyperzyme contains 12 enzymatic substances along with cytokinins, hormones, vitamins, complex chain amino acids and micronutrients, which together serve to boost root and metabolic function. Application:  For hydroponics use administer 5 –8 ml per gallon of RO water.  Hyperzyme is most effective when used during the latter stage of the vegetative period through the end of bloom and fruiting. Hyper-Honey-a Hyper-Honey is a premium molasses blend complimented with kelp, yucca and volcanic minerals. This potent flower sweetener increases plant Brix levels by providing carbohydrate sugars to beneficial bacteria and fungi in the root zone.  These bacterial organisms thrive on the sugars contained in Hyper-Honey. When plants enter their flowering cycle, natural sugars are channeled from their root zone to developing flower sites.   Hyper-Honey enhances this plant function by ensuring that an ample carbohydrate level is maintained in the root zone to host beneficial microbial life throughout a plants life-cycle. Usage Directions: Hydroponics Application: Use 2 – 4 ml per gallon of reservoir water. General Application: Use 4 – 8 ml per gallon of water every 1-2 weeks. Foliar Application: Use 2—5 ml per gallon of diluted spray solution. Hyperthrive-RGBa Hyperthrive is an exceptional vitamin, micronutrient & amino acid based plant stimulator and rejuvenator that enhances overall plant health, and also helps plants overcome transplant and environmental stress. Hyperthrive’s unique growth factors promote leaf expansion plus beneficial rhizosphere bacteria colonization and boost the natural production of plant hormones.  Hyperthrive effectively triggers plant response when used as a seed treatment, root drench, and foliar spray.  Regular use of Hyperthrive is sure way to make gardens “thrive”. Application: Cuttings/Clones:  Use 1 ml per gallon as a seed and root treatment Hydroponics:  Use 1 — 2 ml per gallon throughout growth and bloom cycles Soil:  Use 2 — 4 ml per gallon throughout growing season every 10 — 14 days Foliar:  Use 1 ml per gallon every 5 — 7 days Hyper Root Label Blue Background Hyper-Root  is a root-focused blend of premium botanical extracts and other potent nutrients specifically engineered to stimulate prolific root branching and the rapid development of a healthy white root mass.  Hyper-Root’s  bio-stimulating agents energize the synergistic relationship between plant roots and grow media microbes and fungi fortifying and expanding the Rhizosphere. Useage: Cuttings / Clones: Use 0.5 – 1 ml per gal. to soak rooting media Hydroponics: Use 1 – 2 ml per gal. from vegetative stage through 4th week of bloom Soil: Use 2 – 4 ml per gal. during growth period every 10 – 14 days

Always use non-chlorinated water Hyperrhizal Jar-a Hyperrhizal inoculant powder contains numerous species of biologically active mycorrhizal and trichoderma fungi along with other beneficial bacteria which colonize throughout the root area stimulating exponential root growth far into the grow media.  This greatly enhances the absorptive surface area of root systems.  Once Hyperrhizal inoculants make physical contact with roots, Hyperrhizal then forms a symbiotic link between the fungi and roots to create an expansive, healthy white root zone.  Total water solubility makes Hyperrhizal an excellent root drench for delivering spores directly to the roots for rapid germination. For Hyperrhizal to be fully effective the bacteria spores must be applied directly to the root zone where they’re able to make contact with the roots themselves. Usage: Soil Application:  Dust root-zone area when potting.  Water root area using 0.50 tsp. per gallon Hydroponics:  0.50 tsp. per gallon of reservoir water.  For best results use as a root drench in porous media Outdoor planting:  Apply in furrow 1 tsp. per row foot Always use non-chlorinated water because chlorine kills beneficial bacteria