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Sun System Info Sheet-a Hydro Equipment Info Sheet-a Firefly Bulb- Firefly Grow Lighting Our high-output 1000 watt, HPS Firefly Spectraglow lamps are specifically engineered for high-value indoor gardens.  Firefly bloom bulbs feature an enhanced violet, blue and green light spectrum with an initial operating output of 144,000 lumens and PAR output of 1,800.  This provides optimum spectral energy levels which raise plant metabolism and promote vigorous growth.  Firefly lamps also have a low lumen/PAR depreciation rate and emit a light intensity equal to other premium lamps costing far more.



Firefly Ballasts Firefly Glowbeam 1000 watt state-of-the-art adjustable digital ballasts are designed for today’s serious urban gardeners.  Firefly ballasts channel a consistent, stable stream of power to the lamp, ensuring the delivery of a high-intensity, plant energizing light spectrum.  Special features include: Ballast 4

  • Adjustable from 1000 watts down to 400 watts
  • Cooling fan for dependability and extended life
  • Quiet operation and guaranteed long life
  • High-quality — Low cost
  • Super Lumens setting
  • 3 year factory warranty

Hyper FanHyper Fans The New Age 10″ 1025 cfm Hyper Inline Fan is perfectly balanced for optimal performance and smooth, quiet air movement.  Our high-quality, energy efficient fans include all mounting hardware needed for both horizontal and vertical installation, and a 6′ power cord.         NAN Grow-CubesRockwool & Coco Coir New Age 6″ Rockwool Cubes provide the ideal substrate for today’s serious hydroponic gardeners.  The consistent fibrous structure of our horticultural grade rockwool has excellent water retention properties, giving it the ideal water to air ratio required by high-value indoor plants.  In addition, after a harvest, New Age Rockwool can also be effectively shredded and reused as a soil amendment in combination with various soil or soil-less media types.