About Us/Our Story

Although New Age Nutrients is a fresh young company established specifically to address the needs of today’s cultivators of high-value crops, its roots go all the way back to the 1950’s.  That’s when our company patriarch began his career in fertilizer engineering and then went on to become a recognized leader in that sector of the agribusiness.  Now, some 60 years later his legacy as a leading fertilizer developer and manufacturer has evolved into a family team of Ph.D. fertilizer and chemical engineers who operate as an agronomic nutrient consultancy and manufacturing firm. 

Today, located just a short distance from the humble beginnings of our founder, our state-of-the-art facility is based in Fresno, California; the acknowledged global center of all agronomic innovation and fertilizer production.

Because of our advantageous location in the world’s mecca of plant nutrient research and production, our seasoned R&D team is able to selectively source the world’s finest raw ingredients through a network of affiliates and then focus on blending them into our proprietary formulas without concern for the costly supply and logistical issues faced by other nutrient companies. This results in our skilled, experienced and dedicated team being ideally positioned to offer our premium plant nutrients at the most competitive prices.

In summary, New Age Nutrients has been born out of a tradition of innovation, reliable service and leading-edge production techniques, with the ultimate goal of furnishing the highest quality plant nutrients available to this “new age” of urban gardeners.

Happy Gardening!

New Age Nutrients